Department of System of Electric Power Supply

Chief of department: Edvard Gevorgyan


Tel. +374 (10) 559 641


Department of System of Electric Power Supply is included in the engineering unit of the organization, run by the chief engineer of the organization.

Main functions of the department:

Main works done in recent years

All works were carried out using computer programs developed in the Institute.

- Electrical equipment repair, establishment of the list for the installation and dismantling works:

- Classification of electrical equipments

- Classification of electrical and non-electrical storage material values in electrical oriented organizations

- Identification of the further use workable materials arisen from the dissolution of the dismantled equipments in frame of the reconstruction programs of high voltage substations

- Definition of the components percentage to the costs of their electrical fixed assets.

- Definition of transformer oil maximum size used within the performance of the electrical equipments repair works

- Development of electrical equipments’ inventory methodology and investment’s scientific and technical guidance for electrical-oriented companies.

- Distribution of the costs done on electrical equipment repair works by facilities

- Development of operating instructions for electrical equipments

- Power supply system design