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History of “Scientific Research Institute of Energy” CJSC goes back to 1948. In 1948-1963, it was in membership of Armenian National Academy of Science acting as electro-technical laboratory, then as an institute. Since 1961, it has been known as Institute of Energy. In 1963-1992, the Institute was a member of Ministry of Energy and Electrification of the former Soviet Union. During this period several subdivisions were separated from the Institute and four scientific research institutes were formed.
Since 1992 up to now, SRIE is in membership of RA Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and has Energy Strategy Center.

The Areas of Activities of «Scientific Research Institute of Energy» CJSC

1. Power System Development Forecast

2. Energy System Management

3. Steady-state regimes in electrical networks

4. Energy saving, energy efficiency and alternative energy

5. Power System Operation Modes

6. Licensed activity

7.Standards and norms

8.Information service and training of staff